Situated in the municipality of Gaiole in Chianti, the ancient historic church of San Giusto in Salcio is already recorded in a document from the year 1018 originating from the archive of the Castello di Brolio, although what we see today is fruit of the restoration carried out in the late twenties.

Only a part of the facade, the central apse and the lower parts of the external wall facing of the parish church are original, while all the rest, including the belltower, is the result of the restoration extending over the entire side where the house stands.

The church has maintained the basilica-style three-naved layout, with the arches supported on quadrangular pillars without any real capital, and with three apses and a roof formed of trusses in wood and terracotta.

The entire church, completely bare apart from a modern wooden crucifix, an exceptional work by the English sculptor Matthew Spender, has managed to preserve in the interior a superb austerity.

The church houses a Madonna of Humility, an early sixteenth-century Florentine work from the Florentine school of Ghirlandaio.

The owner has recently carried out a meticulous renovation of the annex Bishop's house, still lived up to the seventies, restoring the original architectural structure and getting the private garden to its original splendour.