Do not leave Tuscany without a full local experience of preparing, cooking and, of course, eating delicious food.

Our cooking team will guide you teaching traditional recipes, but you'll lead the main role being in charge of preparing all courses mixing wheat, chopping veggies, slicing meat and bread.... then a delicious meal will be ready upon your efforts.
Chefs come from a long culinary tradition: their family have run a good restaurant for long time in Chianti and they learned from parents getting experience of the whole process to get a good meal. In this way traditions are respected.

Classes can be arranged for individuals, couples or small groups, combined also with tasting of some of the local and Tuscan wines selected by the owners.
When possible they'll be delighted to be accompained to purchase food in the local market of small store in the nearby village.

Medieval dinners

For groups we arrange also dinners based on medieval recipes, with waiters dressed like in the past, respecting the history and habits of that time.
Possibility also for guests to be dressed as in Middle Age enjoying a real medieval experience having dinner in the atmosphere of the old cellars.
Meals will be accompained by local and selected Tuscan wines.